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Phone Services – from the cloud – no equipment required

Replace your expensive phone systems, land lines and installation with a hosted VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system.

So, what is VOIP anyway? VOIP is simply a means of carrying your telephone signals (calls and services) across digital networks using the internet.

A VOIP-enabled telephone works exactly like the phones you are used to, except it has other advantages, such as lower costs, and easy future proofing.

Altec Systems can provide you with this powerful phone system, hosted in the cloud, which is available to use on a monthly subscription basis.

Each user can use a softphone or handset, which just needs to be plugged into your broadband or office network to allow you to access features such as voicemail, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and more, all from your control panel.

Benefits to You

  • Inexpensive – Get up and running without capital expenditure; pay only fixed, transparent monthly rates.
  • Easy–yet advanced – No expertise to get started, yet you can easily take advantage of VOIP’s advanced functionality to ensure that you never miss a call. Setup call forwarding, hunt groups, voice menus and more!
  • Scalable – Choose a pay as you grow model that suits your needs, and that can grow seamlessly in harmony with your business.
  • Location-independent – Allow employees to be integrated into the company’s phone system from anywhere that has broadband access – from home, office or abroad.
  • Supported – Free yourself from the headache of having to support a communications infrastructure – leave all of that to us at Altec Systems.

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