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Security and encryption in a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) environment

Ever worry about sending an e-mail and have it end up with the wrong person, or lose your thumb drive (USB stick) and cannot remember what was on it? Have you had your laptop stolen and wished you had encrypted those files? End your data worries with Altec Systems’ data encryption solutions powered by Cryptzone!

Data encryption helps companies like yours safeguard and manage their most valuable assets: the information. This solution protects against data leaks completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is stored, sent, or used.

A complete suite of SaaS compliant encryption solutions

Cryptzone Secured eFile File & folder encryption – Centrally rolled out, this solution is a convenient and undisruptive way to use granular file security throughout the organization. All are available to you on a subscription basis. Our solutions are built upon the Cryptzone SaaS Hosting Platform, a management platform that is scalable and used to administer policies, licenses, groups and users of our products.
Secured eCollaboration Secured eCollaberation – Secured eCollaboration integrates with SharePoint and provides all the encryption and access rights management tools needed for co-workers to share information securely. Administrators control security policies centrally; users manage document encryption and assign access rights in line with the policies; and strong security features ensure regulatory compliance.
Cryptzone Secured eUSB USB encryption – Secure your USB by converting a regular USB flash drive into a secured USB flash drive with strong security that your can safely travel with, without worrying about leaking information.
Cryptzone Secured eMail Secure email communication– Enables you to unlock a secured email on any device and on any platform. Download and installation of software is not needed.

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